Sunday, June 14, 2009

The ceiling fan fight of 2009

We finally decided to replace the gaudy gold & white ceiling fan in the living room after owning the house over two years, so we head down to Lowe's thinking this would be a simple project. Not so much. We picked up the Aero fan which I love, the lines are clean and simple & no pull chains to interrupt the view. The fan went together perfectly, no issues there. Little did we know the remote sensor for the fan had to be installed in the top housing by the ceiling. The celing bracket that we have in the ceiling has a 1/2 drop bolt in the center of it leaving no room for the remote to slide in place properly. No matter what we tried, we couldn't get the fan to sit properly. So at 10 pm last night, we are uninstalling and disassembling the perfect fan. It was returned first thing this morning and we spent 45 minutes in Home Depot making sure we didn't like anything there and another 45 minutes in Lowe's trying to decide which one I could live with. (Yep, you did the math right, we spent 1.5 hours debating on fans.) It was not an easy task. We ended up with the Santa Ana fan which is cool and modern, but not nearly as perfect. It is a nice looking 2 blade fan but the light is dimmer than we hoped. We don't use it as a main light, so it isn't a deal breaker. This one is staying on the ceiling.

The Aero - the perfect fan
The Santa Ana - what we can live with

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